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Concealed Carry Purse - Deanna

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Deanna is our classy lady with a crocodile finish and chain accents leading into the handle. The Deanna is an ideal size bag that is perfect for any occasion. This bag has a lockable holster pocket on the back side we call the "lock it pocket" which comes with two keys for your security. It is a neoprene pocket which will conceal most compact weapons. Our signature bag chain adorns the locking zipper slider to act as bag bling but doubles as a functional pull to get into the "lock it pocket" in an emergency. Deanna measures 13 x 9 x 5. Order Deanna today!


  • Lockable zipper slider
  • Holster pocket on the back side
  • Chain accented handles
  • Many interior pockets
Concealment Area: 
Urban Moxy
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> Returns accepted within 14 days of delivery.
All of our Urban Moxy bags offer locking zipper sliders so you can carry with easy access or have the peace of mind knowing that your weapon is locked and inaccessible. Urban Moxy Zipper Lock image
On every Urban Moxy bag, we dress it up by including a charm attached to the lockable zipper slider to easily access your concealed pocket! Urban Moxy Charms image
The "Lock it pocket" is made of neoprene and has a 6.75" zipper opening and is 8.25" deep and angles down to 2.5" to hold the gun securely in place. Urban Moxy Pocket image

Handgun dimension is the only online retailer of Concealed Carry products with a Purse Concealment Area Chart!™

Finally, a retailer who understands that one of the most important factors in buying a CCW purse is making sure your gun will fit in it!

This chart will help you find a purse that is big enough to hold the gun you own. And if you want a purse with extra room for spare magazines, cleaning supplies, pepper spray, etc., this Chart will be your guide in finding just the right handbag for you. No more buying a purse only to find that your handgun barely squeezes in.

So for error-free shopping, use our Purse Concealment Area Chart.™ We've broken down purses by concealment area into Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Measure your gun, match it with the size of the purse, and pick the style, color and manufacturer you like best. Happy Shopping!

Gun Size Width Gun Size Height Concealment Area
up to 4" inches up to 3" inches Small
up to 5.5" inches up to 4" inches Medium
up to 6.5" inches up to 4.5" inches Large
up to 9" inches up to 7" inches X-Large


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